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ONLUS Parents


In June of 2017 the Association “Hikikomori Italia Genitori” is officially established”, open to all parents and family members of children with problems of social isolation that with to support the cause of “Hikikomori Italia”.

The common objective is that of raising the awareness of the institutions in order to obtain greater rights and services. Such a cause can also be sustained - for those who wish to do so - by acting personally as a voluntary associate.

Are you a parent or family member of a boy/girl with social isolation issues?

By becoming an associate you can:
  • Support local and national public awareness campaigns;
  • Take part in the local meetings regularly held in the presence of experts;
  • Have access to specific documents and information;
  • Have access to services subsidised by our centres;
  • Be primarily involved in the association’s projects;
  • Be an active part of a process of national and international change.

Would you like to know more? Contact your Regional Coordinator of reference (the email should be written as [name of region] + @hikikomoriitalia.it, for example lombardia@hikikomoriitalia.it).

If you are not a parent you can always contribute to our cause with a voluntary donation to this IBAN IT27M0335967684510700275202 or donating your 5 x mille at the followingfiscal code: 93551420156

National mutual aid Facebook group

The association was created as an extension of the Facebook group, a protected space to share one’s own personal experience, exchange opinions or give each other mutual assistance.

  • The group is dedicated exclusively to the parents of children with social isolation issues and difficulties in establishing relationships (we therefore invite journalists, psychologists, researchers, the curious, etc. to not request access);
  • Participating in the discussions isn’t obligatory but everyone needs to introduce themselves (explaining why they would like to be part of the group);
  • It is not allowed to post content that has no connection to the ends for which the group was created;
  • Whoever breaks the rules can be reported to a moderator and be permanently excluded from the group.