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“Hikikomori Italia” is the first national association with information and support for the question of voluntary social isolation (hikikomori). The project starts in 2013, from the blog hikikomoriitalia.it, founded by Marco Crepaldi, an expert in digital communications with a degree in social psychology.

The main objective is that of raising awareness for the public and institutions on this little known discomfort, support the parents and children who find themselves faced with these issues, not to mention creating a national web that directly or indirectly connects all those who are interested (including but not limited to psychologists, teachers and relevant authorities).

As an association we are active all over the Italian territory, with numerous active projects, awareness raising actions, mutual help groups for parents, and several current collaborations with the local bodies and organizations that have shown an interest in supporting us in our endeavour.

To contact us write at info@Hikikomoriitalia.it